Complete Collect

Complete Collect

A Comprehensive Solution to your Collection NeedsComplete Collect is a loan collections program that will minimize losses due to delinquent loans and save you time. The software will allow you to organize your collection efforts and take timely action on delinquencies. Information will be downloaded from your Fiserv system on a daily basis. That information will then be separated into queues that are defined by you. These queues will be assigned to individual officers enabling tracking and management of workloads performed by each officer.

Integrated Solution

Developed, Supported & Enhanced Integration MEA and Fiserv have worked in tandem to create the most comprehensive interface for the CUSA and Reliance systems. Fiserv supports each of these interfaces and continues to work with MEA to enhance functionality.

Preferred ProviderMEA’s status as a Fiserv Preferred Provider insures that the implementation process will be completed smoothly. The interface is consistent and standard; MEA coordinates all installation processes with Fiserv. Each new client receives the best possible loan collections product because of this team effort.

Turnkey Service

Onsite ImplementationEach new installation is coordinated by an experienced professional that spends 5 days in the credit union. This allows for one-on-one employee training, a flexible schedule for assistance where needed and the ability to tailor Complete Collect to each collector’s individual needs. These 5 days are vital to the overall success of Complete Collect.

Program and Software SupportMEA provides technical and software support from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. Quarterly conference calls are scheduled to track the overall success of Complete Collect during the first 12 months of utilization.

Electronic Check CollectionBy using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network for electronic re-presentment to the check writer's account, Merchant Collect provides excellent collection results. Once the item is received by MEA, all steps in the collection process are done electronically using methods that insure the highest success rate. Therefore, the merchant will save both time and money by using Merchant Collect and getting out of the collection process.

Proven Track RecordMEA employees have over 40 years of experience serving the Finance Industry and the company has over 3 years of successful business operation. Our experience, coupled with our relationship with Fiserv, allows us to provide the most comprehensive loan collections program available to credit unions that run Fiserv Systems.

Complete Collect coexists with Overdraft AdvanceComplete Collect and Overdraft Advance are two facets of an integrated software solution. The easy-to-use interface allows people to do their jobs more efficiently. Complete Collect also works independently without having the Overdraft Advance product.

Software & Service Highlights

Credit Union Defined SystemAll software options are defined by the credit union. Options include program parameters, wording on letters and intervals for sending the automated collection letters. These features tailor the Complete Collect product to your credit union.

Automated Collection QueuesSupervisors define the criteria used to assign Collection records to a queue as well as the officer responsible for each queue. Additionally, Complete Collect can put all Collection records that belong to the same Member into a single Queue making it easier for the collection officer to see all of a member’s delinquent accounts. It is easy to see how productivity will increase when Complete Collect automates these labor intensive tasks.

Automated Collection Letters When a member’s loan becomes delinquent, Complete Collect begins tracking the delinquency and, if you choose, will send the appropriate collection letters (that you define) to the member. For additional flexibility, you can select what account information is printed on the letter. All correspondence is tracked in the member contact history file and can be printed to a hard copy if preferred.

Report ManagementAll reports generated by Complete Collect can be user defined to print to any network printer as well as be formatted to be sent to optical report storage like Fiserv AMS System.

Date of Next ContactThe Complete Collect system is equipped with follow-up dates. These dates will organize each collector’s queue with the next contact date. Once the past due amount is satisfied, the record and follow-up date will automatically be updated as current.

Pre-Defined Collection MessagesCommonly used Collection Messages can be saved and used repeatedly for member contacts. This feature saves you time when entering contact information regarding a member.

Collection Queue OverrideThe collection supervisor can stop the automatic queuing of a Collection record. He also can manually assign it to a specific Queue. This reassignment will assist the collection department with unique circumstances.

User AdministrationEach employee that has access to the Complete Collect software will have individually defined authorities when using the system.

Client/Server ArchitectureInformation is power and the information contained in Complete Collect is available at any desktop that is connected to your credit union’s network. Our Release Management feature automatically insures that each PC is running the same version of Complete Collect that is on the Server PC